We saw a huge glass water wall fountain in a restaurant one night. Becca said we should get one for our apartment. Of course, I said why don’t we build one!

I had some left over wood from some other projects… so I settled on a design that would make good use of what we had. Top and bottom housing boxes would cover the pump, nozzle, and motion sensor. 

Dropped the mirror in to see how it was coming together. Ended up replacing the mirror’s plastic edges with right-angled aluminum to keep the water in.

Then I painted it and covered the bottom box with fiber glass (nasty stuff).

Didn’t take long to get the motion sensor working with the arduino and lights on a breadboard.

Then I soldiered everything together. Soldering definitely tickles my inner geek.

Packed in the little Radioshack project box.

Closed it looks a bit like HAL. When it’s on the eye turns red.

I used a little chicken wire to mount it in the fountain.

Attached the lights… starting to look cool.

Final product!