Deepening Human Connection

The Internet connected us to the world.
We build apps that connect us to our humanity.

Life Cards

Focus on what matters in life with this beautifully designed reminders and journaling app.


Get to know your friends by answering hilarious questions about them.

Party Quest

A collaborative storytelling role-play game you can play anywhere, anytime.

Our Story

We are inspired by techno-optimism and guided by firey serendipity.

Founded on Gratitude

Everything we create has its roots in gratitude. Why? Because the more gratitude we have in our lives, the better we’ll show up in the world. The more we notice what we do have, the more we can appreciate what we see in others. Gratitude enables us to thrive!

Designed with Color

Life isn’t black and white, it’s colorful! By seeing color in ourselves and each other we can design solutions that propell humanity forward… co-painting this grand masterpiece we call life.

Teammates in everything

Coffee Bean

Becca McGovern

Coffee Bean

Augustin Bralley

We fell in love at Burning Man in 2012. Then we founded this company.

Latest From Our Blog

We write about fun new ways to interact with people among other things.

10 Fun Political Questions That Won’t Cause an Argument

With the holidays around the corner, politics are sure to be brought up. You can’t choose your family, but with these questions, you can at least choose what’s talked about. These ten questions with answers are sure to spark a debate, but in a good way. Read the...

Couples Game Questions That Will Turn Into Sex

These sexy couples game questions come with four answer choices for you and your sexual cohort to choose from and enjoy. Read the question and its answers out loud, guess what the other would answer, and vice versa. They might surprise you, and you them, but either...



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