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By @ 04/20/12 in Coding, Crafting

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a slide presentation to help explain the fairly complex vision of Datacosmos. I was tempted to buy Keynote for my mac, but wondered if there was some cooler web-based presentation software out there. After some searching I found Impress.js, a 3D presentation tool built in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I fell in love.

Fortunately, I read the Source and found this helpful advice:

…if you want to build a great presentation take a pencil and piece of paper. And turn off the computer…

As it turns out, most slide presentations are terrible. A google search on “bad slide presentations” turns up some 30 million results. Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs have famously commented on the phenomenon. And dozens of books have been written about how to wow and annoy with slide presentations.

People hate bad slide presentations.

To hedge this possibility of sucking, I bought the book Presentation Zen and started reading. Here’s some stuff I learned:

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