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By @ 04/18/14 in Coding

Here’s a sure-fire 9 step program to winning a hackathon. Or it’s how we managed to squeeze out a surprising win at AngelHack Summer 2012. Perspective is everything.

1. Show up

Showing up is the hardest thing to do. And don’t just show up to be there, show up as your best self… or at least not hungover.

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Connect Better
By @ 06/30/12 in Coding

Pipe was going to change how people kept in touch. Instead of sloshing through the swamps of social networks, task lists, relationship managers, and emails to figure out who to contact and when, you’d simply open Pipe. And there’d be ONE person, THE person you want to connect with… or not. If not, you tell Pipe it was wrong and why, and Pipe will learn.

I was elated to discover that this Pipe dream wasn’t a pipe dream. Pipe would come to exist, not just for me but for many others. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This post is about the life of Pipe. From conception to death… and beyond. 😉

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By @ 05/27/12 in Coding

So I want to become a front-end guru. I’ve been a .NET guy for the last 6 years or so. I used to be proud of that. Then I moved out to San Francisco.

Telling people you’re a .NET developer out here is like telling them you’re a Flash, COBOL, or punch card developer. You get those, “oh, well, you’re useless” stares.

That’s not the only reason, though. I actually believe that the majority of application software will be (if not already) written for the client-side web. Which means javascript. Even the server-side can be written in javascript now with node.js.

Fortunately, learning a new programming language is not like learning a new spoken language. Once you get a hold of a few new concepts, syntaxes, patterns, and processes, you’re well on your way to building just about anything.

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Photo Gallery Mashup with Ember.js

By @ 05/26/12 in Coding

This was my hello world example app for the Locker Project built with Ember.js. It was fun playing with Ember.js, getting to know states, templates, models, controllers and how those work in Ember. I felt overall that Ember wasn’t that difficult to learn but, for something as simple as this app, overly complex.

What is does

QuotePhoto pulls random images, and overlays a random quote. Sometimes the result is humorous.

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Getting Started with the Locker Project

By @ 05/15/12 in Coding

Today I setup my first data Locker, from the

A Locker is a container for personal data, which gives the owner the ability to control how it’s protected and shared. It retrieves and consolidates data from multiple sources, to create a single collection of the things you see and do online: the photos you take, the places you visit, the links you share, contact details for the people you communicate with, and much more. It also provides flexible APIs for developers to build rich applications with access to all of this information.

A Locker handles the non-trivial tasks of pulling, normalizing, de-duping, and merging personal data across multiple sources. It also makes it easy to query that cleaned-up data with a neat API.

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By @ 04/20/12 in Coding, Crafting

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a slide presentation to help explain the fairly complex vision of Datacosmos. I was tempted to buy Keynote for my mac, but wondered if there was some cooler web-based presentation software out there. After some searching I found Impress.js, a 3D presentation tool built in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I fell in love.

Fortunately, I read the Source and found this helpful advice:

…if you want to build a great presentation take a pencil and piece of paper. And turn off the computer…

As it turns out, most slide presentations are terrible. A google search on “bad slide presentations” turns up some 30 million results. Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs have famously commented on the phenomenon. And dozens of books have been written about how to wow and annoy with slide presentations.

People hate bad slide presentations.

To hedge this possibility of sucking, I bought the book Presentation Zen and started reading. Here’s some stuff I learned:

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