Cheshire Cat Tricycle Redux

By @ 08/25/14 in Crafting

The Cheshire Cat bike is back to its former glory and bound for the playa this Burning Man 2014.

We discovered on a Google image search of “Burning Man Costumes” that a burner snapped a pic of it on the playa in 2012:


Thanks Curtis Mekemson!

In this two part Augman Originals series we clean, fix, replush, and add a basket to Chester the Cheshire. If you’re hitting the playa this year, keep an eye out and say hello!

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Curtis Mekemson

    Loved the videos of the cat’s refurbishing and really sorry I didn’t see it out on the Playa or Black Rock City. It’s easy to get lost with 67,000 people. Hopefully next year. Will link to your site when I touch on this year’s bikes. –Curt Mekemson